United States History for Kids

Saving teachers time and making learning fun through the use of interactive notebooks and other engaging US History activities.

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Social Studies Interactive Notebooks that make teaching and learning FUN!

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US History for Kids Interactive Notebooks for Upper Elementary - Fun and Informative history passages covering Native Americans, Exploration, Westward Expansion, The American Revolution, The Civil War, World War One, and World War Two, Plus more!

What our Happy Customers Say

"Worth every penny! I have everything printed and ready for easy implementation! I know my kids are going to love learning with this resource, thanks!"


"Love, love, love this! The passages are challenging, but not overwhelming. They are interesting and state all the important information I want students to know about historical events. I can easily fit a reading with the activities into my daily schedule, and the students love breaking out of the old book and binder paper writing routine. They get so excited when it's social studies time!"


"Why did I wait to buy this?!?! :) I am a new 5th grade social studies teacher and this bundle is amazing! My students enjoy the great passages to use and the creative interactive notebook sheets. This just made my teaching experience so much easier! Thank you!"


AAMAZING!!!!! I love this resource and have restructured my Social Studies for the entire year around this bundle. I have added my own resources in for lessons but love the framework and passages to use. The lessons are so engaging and the students (even in 5th grade) loved the interactive aspect!!!


God bless you for creating such an AMAZING resource!


Absolute lifesaver, I'm in a county with no SS resources. Thanks goodness for this! So pleased, and my students are really engaged with all the fun reading passages too! Thanks.


This bundle is AMAZING! I have been teaching for 15 years, but this is my first year to teach Social Studies. I was overwhelmed trying to organize my units. This bundle has helped me to focus and begin my plans. I am now very excited about teaching SS. I know my students are going to love all the resources. Thank you!!


I cannot even tell you how excited (and relieved!) I am to have found this fantabulous SS/US History bundle! I teach self-contained 3rd-5th grade special education. Based on my students' varied academic levels and behavioral needs, I was in great need of a unit/bundle that would be high interest, share appropriate standards-based content but also be presented in smaller increments. This. Is. PERFECT. Well worth the investment for sure. xo


I love this entire bundle!! It was hard to "bite the bullet" but I'm so glad I did. I can't wait to implement these engaging, shorter, and more manageable social studies passages and super fun flippables into my social studies lessons. Thanks for an awesome pack!