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         How can you convert my social studies interactive notebooks?  The Kami Chrome Extension is one solution. This is not a paid endorsement, I just think Kami is a really cool tool for teachers, especially when it comes to digital learning. The year 2020 is bringing a lot of that!  I would love to share the details on how you can use it in your classroom with my US history notebooks. You can also view their Youtube Channel for more videos:  Kami on Youtube



          Please, if you decided to upload my notebooks digitally, post them behind a password protected learning management system in order to not violate copyright and my intellectual property.  Thank you in advance.

         Here is a tutorial I created using one of my word search activities.  I explained how I assigned it through Google Classroom.  You could follow the same process with my social studies interactive notebooks.

Need a 'cheat sheet' with all the links to get the extension set up?

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