US History For Kids Interactive Notebooks BUNDLE - ClassroomConfections
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United States History For Kids Interactive Notebook BUNDLE - ClassroomConfections
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social studies interactive notebook 3rd and 4th grade
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social studies interactive notebook 4th and 5th grade
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United States History For Kids Interactive Notebook BUNDLE

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 Social Studies Interactive Notebooks for US History

American History Interactive Notebook Bundle 

Calling all social studies teachers in upper elementary! This US History for Kids mega bundle of material will help you teach social studies to upper elementary students, mainly 4th grade and 5th Grade.  You may find these American history topics suitable for some upper grades, especially if you are working with low readers.  Some 3rd graders may also enjoy reading them with adult help.

It has Social Studies Interactive Notebook Passages and MORE! A total of 146 US History for kids passages and activities related to a variety of American history topics. Holiday themes are also included. Please read below to see the topics in each notebook to make sure they fit your standards. Please ask questions BEFORE you buy, because I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.
This is also important if you are a homeschooling parent. For homeschool parents, please know that the passages print two to a page. The two passage on a page is especially great for teachers and their copying limits. 

Over 140 Passages and Activities Included in the US History Interactive Notebook Bundle

Native Americans
American Revolution
Westward Expansion
Civil War
World War I
World War II
21 Holidays/Celebrations in the U.S.
So many topics!!


You can also click here to read more about what is included:  US History for Kids MEGA Bundle.

You've hit the jackpot is you teach US History for Kids!

Why? Because you aren't going to have to go searching all over the place for fun social studies/US History activities. That's what I used to do until I decided to spend two years making this pack. It has been a blessing to lots of teachers, and I hope you will find that it is to you too.
I have often been told by teachers that planning for social studies does not come easily for them, that they don't enjoy it, and quite frankly, they don't fully understand the historical events. It is my hope that this pack will help expert teachers and novice teachers enjoy social studies and that it will help you pass on a love of history to your students. Because there are 146 passages included in this pack, it will make it easy for you to integrate social studies and reading. Plus, there are so many other activities in this pack to go along with the passages. Have fun, and I hope you love it all as much as I do.

You will love this interactive notebook pack!

Why do I think you will love my passages? I work very hard to research the information. I try to include a lot of info. and not leave gaps in history like some textbooks do. I try to write passages on one topic, so that it is easier for upper elementary to digest. I have been told I have a writing style that makes the topics easy to learn. I have taught the information for twenty years, PLUS... a bonus is that I confer with my husband who has taught US History for nearly thirty years and has a Master's degree in History. I can assure you that we make a great team when it comes to US History!

Perfect interactive notebook pack for 4th and 5th graders!

Do you teach 4th grade social studies in Georgia? Notebooks 1-3 below go along with the Georgia 4th grade social studies curriculum, along with the other passages in this pack.
Do you teach 5th grade social studies in Georgia? Notebooks 3-4 continue on with the 5th grade topics. It's like striking all seriousness though, these passages will be perfect for you.
NOTE: Even though I use Georgia social studies standards to guide me, this is all US History and not GA specific. It should work for anyone covering the same topics. I have had teachers all over the United States use my passages with great success.
ANSWER KEYS are included for the notebooks and all passages, but they are not included for the research posters.
What all is included in this social studies interactive notebook bundle?
There are 70 passages in the 4 notebooks AND a flippable note booking activity for each one! Plus, the list goes on and on.
Read what is included.
  • Notebook 1  (70 passages in notebooks 1-4)
  • Notebook 2
  • Notebook 3
  • Notebook 4
  • Add on pack for notebooks 1-2 with additional activities for each passage
  • Additional flippables for Government
  • Map/Globes/Landforms Interactive Notebook Flippables
  • Civil War Biographies -11 passages on 11 different people
  • American Revolution Biographies - 10 passages on 10 different people
  • European Explorer Biographies - 7 Biographies with Activities
  • Native American Passages - 6 passages with activities
  • Inventors and Inventions - 8 passages with Activities
  • Branches/Levels of Government Passage
  • Responsibilities of US Citizens Passage
  • Constitution and Amendment Process
  • Due Process Passage
  • What is close reading passage
  • United States Land Features Passage
  • Maps/Globes Passage
  • United States Land Features
  • Sharecropping
  • Suffrage and Abolition Movement - 4 Biographies
  • American Revolution Research Poster Pack
  • Inventors and Inventions Research Poster Pack
  • 50 States Research Poster Pack
  • Regions of the US Research Poster Pack
  • Black History Banner Pack with 41 Research Banner Pieces
  • Exit Slips - 30 different themes
  • Reading Skills Integration Cards
  • Interactive Notebook Flippables to Get Kids Thinking
  • 60 Historical Figure Selfies for Interactive Notebooks
  • Time Saving Flippables
  • 20 US History Writing Posters on twenty different topics
  • BINGO - 8 GAMES on different topics
  • 13 Colonies File Folder Game
  • Branches of Government File Folder Game
  • US Land Features File Folder Game
BONUS Holiday Passages for Your Interactive Notebooks!!!

21 Holiday Passages – Many dealing with the History of Holidays. These help break up the regular social studies routine on holidays throughout the year:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Passage
  • Presidents' Day Passage
  • New Year's Resolutions Passage
  • Test Taking Tips Passage
  • Valentine's Day Passage
  • St. Patrick's Day Passage
  • Groundhog Day Passage
  • Dental Health Month Passage
  • Earth Day Passage Passage
  • Cinco De Mayo Passage Passage
  • September 11 Passage
  • Constitution Day Passage
  • Veterans Day Passage
  • Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving Passage
  • Memorial Day Passage
  • Columbus Day Passage
  • Christmas Traditions at the White House Passage
  • Chinese New Year Passage 
  • New Year's Superstitions Passage
  • Kwanzaa Passage
  • Reading Month Passage
Because this is a digital product, no refunds are granted. Nothing is shipped.  Upon your purchase you will receive a zipped file with all of the materials.  Simply unzip the file and you will find everything in the pack. Thank you for your understanding.  Please feel free to email me any questions before you buy.
Need to use my passages digitally?
Check out my tutorial video on using the website Kami® to turn your pdf files into distance learning activities. Click HERE. You can assign all or part of a pdf to your students and they can annotate the files. You can basically make any pdf suitable for distance learning. Plus, it integrates with Google Classroom®.
Please see the file that I put together with the tutorial. It includes links to the Kami extension that you can pass along to parents. The students will need to add the extension to their computer, but it’s super easy and very convenient to use. You’ll love being able to use it with and if your pdf files.
When sharing with your students and parents, please make sure they are sent through email or accessed through a password protected website. Thank you.